Shop/Company Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

(Aka here is where you find out answers to some of the important stuff you may be dying to know but I can not type out on every listing or with every post, plus an amazing resource for all customers)

While I will absolutely try my best to get all of your insanely important questions answered here, please remember that I am one person, and a forgetful one at that. If you don’t see the answer to your specific question here, please feel free to reach out on my contact page, via email ( OR or via direct message on Instagram (@seerachelletter). I try my best to be as present as possible for my business for the client’s sake, whether returning, current, potential, what have you, but I am a mom first and foremost, and a human just doing her best!

All the continued love and shit,

Shop/Company Policies

Okay, so here are some very ugly formalities that I need to get out of the way. Bear with me.


I do not, in any case, even if you are local, accept cash. Especially for custom orders. At the end of the day, this is a business. I rely on the paper trail between us with transactions for both coverage of myself, and documentation for tax and other purposes. It should be noted here that I do not even make exceptions for friends that I have known for years. And frankly, trading on that will only be a short leap to me denying your business. When you love a friend, or have a friend, who is launching or running their own business, you should support them because you love their work, not because you think you’ll get a better price.

This being said, all custom orders must be paid IN FULL prior to work beginning on your item/package/what have you.

I’m going to repeat that one more time for those in the back there:

This includes design options, as you are paying for the time spent away from the rest of my life in order to complete the task. This means less lego building, less story reading, less face masks, less meal consumption, and less sleep for me. So yes, I need to be compensated. Additionally, custom orders usually require sourcing and purchasing of material I do not keep on hand, therefore, payment must be received up front to cover the cost of any materials incurred. I am not wealthy, or I would not be working full time and doing this. Ya know?


As of September of 2019, no, I do not ship internationally.
This is not because I do not love my friends and colleagues overseas, but because it is cost prohibitive and insane, and I try to keep my prices as reasonable as possible. It is incredibly expensive to even ship domestically, to be honest.

That being said, if you are willing to incur the cost of shipping your item internationally, please feel free to reach out if it is that important to you. I would absolutely love to work with anyone who really and truly wants my work in their home badly enough to do so.

Rush Orders

Due to the handmade nature of my items, I very rarely accept or guarantee rush orders. If you need or would like to place one, please feel free to contact me about it, but understand that there will be a premium fee added to the pricing of your item. This fee is non-negotiable, and subject to increase based on the window of production you place on this order. My rush order fee starts at $15.

Refund Policy

If for some reason you are unhappy with your item, I will absolutely happily refund its cost to you. I can not refund charges for shipping, as the only way you would have the item in your possession (unless you’re local) is through that process, and as previously discussed, it can be pricy. In some cases, my shipping fee does not even cover the cost. Even if this is the case, if you are unsatisfied with your item, I would hope you would reach out and discuss why with me first before taking any extreme measures (i.e. internet reviews, etc) so I could try and come to an agreement or happy place with you, where we can both come out satisfied.

Plagiarism/“Can You Make This…?”

I will not, under any circumstance, copy another artist’s original work for you. If you are interested in what they are offering, I am sure there is a way to contact them. If you can’t find it, I would be happy to help you try. The art world (especially where online commerce is concerned) is a large and very strong community, that respects and loves one another fiercely. We are all, yes, trying to make it as business people, but we all strongly support the idea of community over competition, and I will gladly try and put you in touch with the right person in this case.


When ordering items that involve watercolor, please remember that there is no way to guarantee light fastness, as every person’s sun exposure and light level is different. I will try to do my best to inform you of the light fastness of the material in order to reduce fading, but this is not an exact science. Please remember this. It does not reflect the quality of the piece itself, and sealant can only make so much of a difference.

Wear & Tear on Custom Clothing & Glassware

While handwashing your items and keeping them out of the dryer will certainly extend their life for the better, this also is not an exact science, which is why the saying “nothing lasts forever” even exists. I have taken phenomenal care of some of my most favorite hand made shirts and still lost them to time and wear. Please remember this. Your items are handmade, and will not be around with the twinkies when the world ends. Sorry to say it, but Keith Richards will most likely not be drinking out of a Creepy AF mug. Although, if someone knows how to get one to him, please feel free.

“Do you sell your font?”

Anything you see that looks like a “FONT” to you is my own lettering, usually. Otherwise, it will look like a type face, and I will be up front about that. I have not, nor am I interested in doing so, turned my lettering into a font for sale to other crafters. I have spent years and time learning and working on this skill, and it’s something I continue to work on and hone daily through persistence and practice. I value the time spent on it, and don’t wish to diminish or devalue it.

That being said, if you have, good for you. It’s just not for me. Different strokes, and all that.

”Can you make me…?”

Probably. So ask, because you never know. I’m also always down for new challenges and techniques, so if you want it and I’ve never tried it before, chances are good I’m down for it.

“Are your sizes unisex?”

Yes, always. If you prefer a feminine cut for t-shirts reach out to me and I will make it happen for you. I don’t happen to prefer this style, but am open to it.

“Can I place a bulk order?”

Yes. However, as I am a one woman operation, this WILL require outsourcing to another company for printing. As such, you do incur any printing or design fees on their end. There is no way around this.

“Do you sell your stuff locally?”

Yes. As in, buy it right from me if you’re local. Do I have commission relationships with any small stores? No. And while I am all about local business and small commerce, I don’t plan to.

“What do you use for…?”

Chances are, I have already shared my materials used somewhere, but will be happy to answer your specific questions about a color, item, blank, or tool. Some of my favorite resources (and their social media handles for easy searching) are:


Elena of Hydracolour (@hydracolour)
Keiko of The Aloha Studios (@alohawatercolors)
Lindsey of Tiny Cactus Designs (@tinycactusdesigns)
Melissa of Cloverset Lettering (@cloversetlettering ;


Stephanie of SHare.studios (@share.studios)


Gina of Feather Park Lettering (@featherparklettering ;