Oh. Hi. It me.

Finally, it’s here. Launch day.

Is it perfect? Nah. SO MUCH WORK still needs to be done here. So much needs to be added. So much needs to be tweaked. I have to learn so fucking much still. But I pulled the trigger anyway.

Wanna know why?

Cause you can NOT just jump in halfway. And I was tired of doing just that. I’ve officially been paying for this website for like seven months, and each month would come and go and I would abandon editing things because I get frustrated easily, and technology is annoying af. But guess what?

Technology isn’t going to stop frustrating me until I learn it and practice with it. Time is not going to stop for me just cause I want it to.

So I had to decide if I was all in or not, and you know what y’all?

So is this site everything it’s going to be? Nah. I’m gonna keep working and working at it. But it’s a start. And that’s the first step.

Happy to have ya, bitches.
Take a look around.
Oh, and happy Monday.

Creepin’ it real as always.